Program Two: Professional Services by Prepaid Blocks of Time
For individuals and organizations who's service needs are more demanding. A block or blocks of time are purchased in advance for the use towards the service time and the materials used to service the specific piece of hardware .  Simply call us when you need us and you are only deducted for the service and labor that you use. The purchased time never expires.

In this program is also good to make an annual or quarter commitment to have one of our staff on-site for an agreed upon length of time and frequency. There is no trip charge for this services.

By arranging to prepay for services using the Prepaid Blocks of Time program you can experience saving between 5% -- 15%. The discount is as follows:

Block Time (Hours) Discount Labor Charge
Standard   $95/Hour
50 5%


100 10%  $85.5/Hour

* No trip charge for this services